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Best ways to drink a seltzer
13 Dec

The Best Ways To Drink A Seltzer

If you’ve been paying attention to trends, you probably already know how massively popular hard seltzer has recently become. It’s no surprise, really. In 2017, seltzers had grown by 43 percent over a five-year period, and there’s been no sight of slowing down. They’re commonly viewed as healthier alcoholic options among enthusiasts. Some fans of…

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What’s the difference between shaken or stirred?
26 Nov

Shaken or Stirred? What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between shaken or stirred? There’s much debate but there are in fact logical reasons between choosing one approach over the other. Some bartenders say that shaking a cocktail waters down the drink too much due to ice chips and prefer stirring as a more gentle approach. However, there are some necessary occasions…

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Origin of the Bloody Mary
04 Nov

The Origin of the Bloody Mary

It will be impossible to get through this life without ever hearing about or actually trying one of the most iconic cocktails in human history: the Bloody Mary. A reminder of a Bloody Mary’s savory taste is sure to make most people salivate. The now-legendary cocktail includes must-have ingredients like vodka (mmmm), tomato juice, tabasco…

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Liquor and Liqueur: There’s a Difference
30 Sep

Liquor and Liqueur: There’s a Difference

At first glance, liquor and liqueur nearly look and sound the same, but there is a difference and they are unique from each other. However, they definitely share similarities in their qualities; they are both technically liquors for one because liquors are distilled spirits and liqueurs contain distilled spirits; both are considered critical for mixing…

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