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Essential Cocktail Tools for Mixologists

Trying to make a killer cocktail without the right tools can feel like digging a swimming pool with a spoon — you’ll give up before you get it right!

You don’t need mad flare skills or bar tricks to make crazy-good cocktails at home. Stock up on these essentials and transform your mixology game for the better:

A Shaker

The quintessential tool for any would-be bartender, a shaker is the simplest way to mix and chill drinks without making a huge mess. Add your ingredients, then cover with a top or glass and shake away. Metal shakers are excellent for getting a frigid, frosty drink. And if you’re making shots, having a top with a built-in strainer is a major time-saver.

Bar Spoon

The swirl-handle design of a bar spoon will put your drizzling and layering game on top. Also, the long handle is ideal for stirring drinks in any type of glassware. 


Jiggers are a two-sided, cone-shaped measuring cup that takes the guesswork out of spirit ratios. They’re extremely helpful for building your precision skills, and a lot more reliable than “eyeballing” your pours. They come in different sizes and heights, so it’s a good idea to test some in person before choosing yours. 


If your shaker doesn’t have a strainer top, you can get a separate strainer to help you separate your ice and liquid when pouring into glassware. It’s a good idea to have a strainer anyway, since they fit regular-sized glasses, too. The integrated spring design ensures that ice, herbs, fruits, and anything else you’ve added to your cocktail stays in the shaker when pouring into a glass.

Channel Knife

For lemon, lime, or orange twists, you’ll be glad to have a channel knife within reach. This small, spooned-shaped knife will help you carve the perfect garnish every time. 


High balls, shot glasses, martini glasses, rocks glasses — some cocktails just taste better in the right type of glassware. Consider what you love to drink and what those drinks are usually served in. There’s usually a reason for this (i.e. helps to bring out the flavors), so try not to reinvent the wheel too much. 

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