Cocktail Knowledge

08 Dec

What is Barrel-Aging and Why Does it Matter?

  Everyone has their own feelings about aging but few can deny the fact that it’s a deeply transformative experience. Aging is no different in the spirit world. While each distiller has his or her own systems and philosophies for barrel-aging, each accepts it as an extremely important part of developing the flavors and aromas…

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06 Mar

How to Muddle Herbs for a Cocktail

Adding herbs to our cocktails is a fun way to add fragrance and flavor to any spirit. When we think of herbs and cocktails, the first drink that comes to mind is the famous mojito. If we order this drink at a bar, we typically see the barkeep drop the mint leaves in the cocktail…

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When To Shake
09 Nov

When To Shake & When To Stir

(Photo Credit: James Bond Style) “Martini, shaken, not stirred.” Ordered James Bond in Goldfinger. How one iconic statement changed the cocktail world forever. It is often repeated, and unfortunately imitated. Do you know when you should shake a cocktail and when you should stir one? The only reasons you should shake a cocktail are as…

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