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Cocktail Knowledge

27 Feb

A Brief History of Kahlua

Kahlua (kuh-LOO-ah) is a legendary Mexican liqueur that originated seemingly overnight by a couple of average somebodies. Its story is just as inspiring as its taste, and knowing its origins makes Kahlua even more fun to sip and savor. What is Kahlua? It all started in 1936 in Veracruz, Mexico, where two lifelong friends had…

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13 Feb

Bartender Tips & Tricks You Can Do at Home

Some do it to wow their friends. Others simply like learning something new. No matter your motivations, learning a few simple yet totally cool bar tricks can transform your drinking game.  It’s tough to resist a delightfully crafted cocktail, but you’ll take even more satisfaction in your creation once you hone your skills. Your DIY…

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07 Jan

Low Calorie Cocktails with SIP Award Winning Brands

When you’re dieting, do all cocktails have to be off the menu? Of course not! It’s no secret that many of your classic spirits and cocktails are loaded with calories. But you might be surprised that a few creative swaps can go a long way in saving calories without sacrificing taste.  Here are some of…

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