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08 Jul

Summer Cocktail: 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Drink

Nothing says “summer” like sipping on an ice-cold, delicious cocktail! A canned seltzer or a traditional vodka-soda just won’t do! We encourage you to show your summer fun and creativity with these summer cocktail favorites! Most importantly, here are 5 easy ways to dress up your drinks with SIP-award-winning spirits. Owen’s Mint + Cucumber +…

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07 Jun

Spirits and Alcohol Trends of 2020: Impacted by COVID-19

In the spirits industry, experts and businesses began to predict alcoholic beverages and drinking trends for the year. Then, an unprecedented global pandemic changed everything. Find out what trends we can expect to be popular for the rest of the year.  Zoom Happy Hour & Virtual Drinking Games Happy hours and socializing at local bars…

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01 Jun

Making a Difference, from Spirits to Hand Sanitizer

In light of COVID-19, distilleries nationwide have added a new product to their line: hand sanitizer. Over the last few months, millions of bottles of hand sanitizer have been produced by distilleries. Whether they are selling to the public or doing good in the community, here are some stories from past SIP Awards winners we…

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19 May

The Martini: A Classic Drink With a Rich and Intricate History

The Martini’s history dates back to the mid- to late 18th Century. Like many classic drinks and spirits, the origins are unclear and debated by historians. This classic grew in popularity by films such as the James Bond franchise. Who invented the Martini? Joseph Thomas bartended at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco. This has…

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18 Dec

What Makes Japanese Whisky Unique?

The Japanese have taken a shine toward whisky, but what makes their take on the classic spirit unique from other countries? The incredibly ambitious island has birthed some of the most well-known whisky brands extending into international markets over the years. But how did the Japanese become premier whisky producers? The answers can be found…

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