17 Oct

How to Drink Spirits and Why it’s Important

Knocking back shots of a favorite spirit might be the preferred method for young party-goers but at some point, the experience has to evolve. Aroma, taste, and finish all play integral roles in enhancing the experience to the next level. So how are these principles properly harnessed? Read on, fellow spirit enthusiasts.   The Glass…

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06 Mar

Redefining the Pallet, One Farm Fresh Grain at a Time

Using ancient techniques and hand honing each craft spirit, Eau Claire Distillery takes pride in their small batch artisanal product. They prefer to keep it local and simple, using farm-fresh ingredients and only the finest custom-crafted German stills and technology. Distiller and Co-Founder, Larry Kerwin, creates strict criteria when it comes to sourcing their ingredients.…

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22 Dec

This Premium Spirit Company Sacrifices Calories Not Flavor

When it comes to low-calorie drinks, the people behind BeTini are the experts. After hundreds of taste tests and years of market research, they found the perfect formula to create your new favorite drink. The only thing they sacrificed in the production of this product was the calories. With only 100 calories per serving, your…

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