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22 Oct

COVID-19: How We Adapted the 2020 SIP Awards

The beginning of 2020 held great promise. Then, not even a quarter of the way through, events were being canceled left and right due to COVID. Fortunately, the SIP Awards wasn’t one of them. It’s true that our world-famous SIP Awards didn’t look or function like it has in years past. But we’re considering this…

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16 Oct

Get to Know the SIP Awards Founder Pouya Hashemi

The SIP Awards is unlike any other awards organization. This was true at its founding in 2008, when it held its first blind tasting competition, and it remains true today as the organization continues to blaze new trails in bringing together enthusiasts and local and international brands.  Meet Pouya Hashemi SIP Awards founder Pouya Hashemi…

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world sake day
01 Oct

Sake: A Brief History on this Japanese staple

Sake is a long-beloved staple in Japanese cuisine. Made from fermented rice, sake (also called nihonshu) is known for its perfect pairings with just about any type of Japanese dish.  Here’s a quick look at what we know about sake’s early days: Sake’s Origins Rice liquor is about as old as Japanese’s reputation for growing rice.…

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