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21 Nov

How NFTs are Reshaping the Way We Buy and Collect Spirits

NFTs have entered the spirit world, and they’re demonstrating huge potential for small-batch producers, auction houses, and rare collections. A recent $2.3 million sale of a rare whiskey cask using the specialty NFT Metacask marketplace underscores the idea that technology is the future (and apparently, the present) of specialty alcohol sales. Here’s why this recent transaction is…

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07 Nov

History of the Manhattan Cocktail

Whiskey. Vermouth. Angostura bitters. Maraschino cherry. If you’re a fan of classic cocktails, you already know that these are the basic ingredients to one of the most long-standing and essential staples in any bartender’s bag of tricks: the Manhattan. When you sip that sweet and boozy treat, do you ever wonder where it started and…

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26 Sep

How to Use Florals in Your Homemade Cocktails

When the weather is beautiful and inviting outside, it’s impossible to resist the lure of nature. That doesn’t mean you have to spend your day hiking and then sleep under the stars, though. When you want to enjoy the refreshing beauty of nature along with the creature comforts of our modern era, there’s one great…

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05 Sep

Best College Game Day Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a great game day party? Whether you’re tailgating at the stadium or just hosting the crew at your house for a watch party, game day has an unmistakably exciting atmosphere. Of course, it isn’t just the team colors, buffalo wings, and festive friends that make college games fun. You need fantastic cocktails…

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