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what are the different types of whiskeys
18 Sep

What Are The Different Types of Whiskey?

If you’re just getting into whiskey, you’ve probably wondered: “what are the different types of whiskeys?” Well, there are a total of six major types, and cinnamon-flavored isn’t considered one them in case you’re wondering. All six types of whiskeys can be healthy to drink, too. Don’t believe us? Read all about it right here!…

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how is tequila made?
11 Sep

How Is Tequila Made?

If you enjoy tequila, you’ve likely wondered: “how is tequila made?” As one of the most recognizable and celebrated spirits, the tequila has produced some of the most popular brands and signature cocktails to date. It derives from the blue agave plant (scientifically known as the agave tequilana).  Depending on where the agave is harvested…

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5 cool bar tricks you can do right now
02 Sep

5 Cool Bar Tricks You Can Do Right Now

Do you hear that? Crickets. The worst sound in any group interaction. You would think that being out at a bar would liven things up, but sometimes conversations grow dull and then the deafening roar of nothing. Let’s not do that. Instead, let’s spice things up with a cool bar trick or gag. We have…

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best spirits to drink on the rocks
23 Aug

The Best Spirits To Serve On The Rocks

We definitely know the best spirits to serve on the rocks. For many, this is a highly preferred way of enjoying their favorite spirits. But are all spirits better on the rocks, or do some offer a more amplified experience? Knowing which spirits work best with ice will increase your repertoire among your peers as…

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