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world sake day
01 Oct

Sake: A Brief History on this Japanese staple

Sake is a long-beloved staple in Japanese cuisine. Made from fermented rice, sake (also called nihonshu) is known for its perfect pairings with just about any type of Japanese dish.  Here’s a quick look at what we know about sake’s early days: Sake’s Origins Rice liquor is about as old as Japanese’s reputation for growing rice.…

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01 Sep

The Perfect Cocktail: Crafting from Top to Bottom

There’s a lot that goes into making the perfect cocktail. After all, that’s why they are called “craft cocktails”, a craft that is practiced and perfected over time. The fact is, anyone can become a cocktail-making expert, you just have to know what it takes! Get the basics down and you’re on your way to…

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11 Aug

The Manhattan Cocktail: A Tale of Two Origins

The Manhattan cocktail’s tale is unclear but we do know that there are at least two possible origins. Find out how both origins stand, and then learn how to mix your very own at home! The Manhattan: Origin #1 Legend says that a guest by the name of Dr. Iain Marshall began mixing drinks with…

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02 Aug

The Negroni: America’s Newest Fascination

With its mesmerizing red color and soothing flavors, the popular Italian cocktail began its way into American fandom. Highlighted by its simplicity, the traditional Negroni contains minimal ingredients. Made of gin, red vermouth rosso, Campari, and an orange slice or peel as garnish. The Negroni is also considered an apéritif, which stimulates the appetite before…

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