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Cocktail Knowledge

28 Jun

The Bitter Truth about Bitters

If you’ve been following the SIP Awards each year, you may have noticed that we have a special category for bitters, aperitifs, and vermouth. In 2020, our Bronze SIP Award for this category went to Petrus Boonekamp, a bitter of Dutch origin. While vermouth and aperitifs are fairly familiar terms, many of our fans can’t…

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02 May

3 Fruity Cocktails to Welcome Spring

Does anything put a smile on your face more quickly than knowing springtime is here? After a long winter of chilly weather and gray skies, especially when that winter has mostly been spent staying inside because of a global pandemic, we’re all itching to get outside and feel the sun on our skin. What better…

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26 Apr

8 Mixology Terms Every Enthusiast Should Know

If you’re a budding mixologist (or you just enjoy mixing up your own cocktail concoctions at home), you need to learn how to talk the talk. Between making drinks for your guests and trying cocktail recipes, it helps to understand common terminology so you’re not running to Google every time. These are the top terms…

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