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RTG The Different Types of Vodka
14 Oct

The Different Types of Vodka

Let’s get to the answer right away: there are only three, yes three, types of vodka. Unlike whiskeys or gins, the types of vodka are much more limited and aren’t distinguished by how long it’s aged in a barrel or the region it’s produced in. As a result, these vodkas can be separated by plain,…

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Liquor and Liqueur: There’s a Difference
30 Sep

Liquor and Liqueur: There’s a Difference

At first glance, liquor and liqueur nearly look and sound the same, but there is a difference and they are unique from each other. However, they definitely share similarities in their qualities; they are both technically liquors for one because liquors are distilled spirits and liqueurs contain distilled spirits; both are considered critical for mixing…

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what are the different types of whiskeys
18 Sep

What Are The Different Types of Whiskey?

If you’re just getting into whiskey, you’ve probably wondered: “what are the different types of whiskeys?” Well, there are a total of six major types, and cinnamon-flavored isn’t considered one them in case you’re wondering. All six types of whiskeys can be healthy to drink, too. Don’t believe us? Read all about it right here!…

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origins of your favorite spirits
09 Aug

The Origins of Your Favorite Spirits

What are the origins of your favorite spirits? Vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, and brandy make up some of the most popular spirits ever created. These spirits have been celebrated globally and but not everyone knows exactly where they originated. We’ve compiled the most fascinating history linked to the beginnings of these alcohols for spirit…

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What are botanicals in gin
03 Aug

What Are Botanicals And How Are They Used In Gin?

One of the most well-known elements of a gin is its botanical qualities. But what are botanicals and what makes them so special when crafting gin? That classic pine taste you notice when you sip on fine gin comes from the juniper berry, which is just one of many fascinating botanicals used in the distilling…

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