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The Competition

16 Oct

Get to Know the SIP Awards Founder Pouya Hashemi

The SIP Awards is unlike any other awards organization. This was true at its founding in 2008, when it held its first blind tasting competition, and it remains true today as the organization continues to blaze new trails in bringing together enthusiasts and local and international brands.  Meet Pouya Hashemi SIP Awards founder Pouya Hashemi…

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23 Jun

Spirits Competition: Digital Marketing Asset

Marketing spirits in the Digital Age can be tough as there are so many avenues to showcase your product. As a result, making it can be hard to determine which avenue is most beneficial for your brand. That’s why spirit competitions like the SIP Awards have become a valuable asset when it comes to digital…

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21 May

What it Really Means to be a Consumer’s Choice Winner?

After cultivating your product with great care, refining ingredients, and winning your first SIP Award, what comes next? How about competing for the highly respected, most notable consumer judged award, Consumer’s Choice?  The SIP Awards have long been known as a way to get unfiltered feedback from real people who taste your products. Winning this…

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12 May

Why Brands Should Enter a SIP Awards Spirits Competition?

The spirits industry is currently thriving, local and conglomerate businesses alike are growing in prosperity each day. But with start-up distilleries popping up over the past few years, how do young business distinguish themselves from already-established brands? The answer is simple, joining a spirits competition such as the SIP Awards! Here’s why: Priceless Feedback Many…

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