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RTG The Different Types of Vodka
14 Oct

The Different Types of Vodka

Let’s get to the answer right away: there are only three, yes three, types of vodka. Unlike whiskeys or gins, the types of vodka are much more limited and aren’t distinguished by how long it’s aged in a barrel or the region it’s produced in. As a result, these vodkas can be separated by plain,…

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How To Make Homemade Aftershave With Vodka
25 Sep

How To Make Homemade Aftershave With Vodka

Do you think vodka is already as awesome as is? Pump the breaks because we have the perfect recipe to make homemade aftershave and it includes (drum roll) you guessed it: vodka! Not just for delicious sipping, vodka acts as the perfect spirit for your DIY aftershave kit. Most companies recommend drinking an opened bottle…

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origins of your favorite spirits
09 Aug

The Origins of Your Favorite Spirits

What are the origins of your favorite spirits? Vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, and brandy make up some of the most popular spirits ever created. These spirits have been celebrated globally and but not everyone knows exactly where they originated. We’ve compiled the most fascinating history linked to the beginnings of these alcohols for spirit…

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how to infuse vodka
29 Jul

How To Infuse Your Own Vodka

Can you infuse vodka with your favorite flavors? The exciting answer is an absolute “YES!” There are plenty of infused spirits on the market, but sometimes they aren’t available at your local store. Fortunately, we have a simple how-to guide on how to infuse vodka with some of your favorite fruits, herbs, and spices.   …

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Facts about vodka
18 Jun

9 Interesting Facts About Vodka

The most interesting facts about vodka are aplenty, so we collected the best of the best here at the SIP Awards. With plenty of amazing facts about vodka to talk about with friends and family, the best place to start is right here. Vodka has continued to be one of the most celebrated spirits on…

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