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How To Make Homemade Aftershave With Vodka

How To Make Homemade Aftershave With Vodka

Do you think vodka is already as awesome as is? Pump the breaks because we have the perfect recipe to make homemade aftershave and it includes (drum roll) you guessed it: vodka! Not just for delicious sipping, vodka acts as the perfect spirit for your DIY aftershave kit. Most companies recommend drinking an opened bottle of vodka before two years, so if you have an old bottle hanging around, that’s the perfect place to begin.


Why Bother Making Homemade Aftershave?

If you’re a man, chances are you get an itch or two a year for a solid DIY project, and homemade aftershave is bound to satisfy one of those itches. Making your is very economical and you can also customize it however you like to your own style or needs. If the scent of store-brand aftershaves bothers you, you can customize yours to be more friendly on your sensories. You can also tailor your DIY Aftershave to your skin especially if it’s sensitive.


Ingredients and Steps To Make Homemade Aftershave

The ingredients necessary to create your own homemade aftershave are very basic and can all be found at your local store inexpensively. We’ll explain why each ingredient is necessary and how they function. Remember that you can tweak the amount of each ingredient to cater to your own personal preferences.


Witch Hazel – This astringent (a lotion used on the skin to reduce bleeding from a minor cut or to make the skin less oily) tightens your skin and gets those pores to open up. This can be used as is or you can scent it how you like.


Vodka – This is where you can make your home aftershave shine. If you have an all-time favorite vodka and you take pride in your fandom, this will be the highlight of your DIY aftershave. Alcohol evaporates pretty quickly, a couple of minutes, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like a boozehound. 


Zest – Let’s get zesty! You can choose from various types of lemons, grapefruits, and oranges. All have toning and antiseptic properties, they as natural as it can get, and the scents are therapeutic. 


Essential Oils – If zest doesn’t suit you, essential oils are sure to add the perfect scent for your aftershave. These oils have high-quality health properties. For example, peppermint oil is used to increase your energy and aid with digestion; lavender helps relieve stress; sandalwood increases overall focus and soothes your nerves; bergamot aids against skin complications like eczema while also reducing stress. But if you’re looking for that manly scent some solid go-tos are oakmoss, ginger, patchouli, spearmint, vanilla, cypress, rosemary, vetiver, or sandalwood. Essential oils smell heavenly and can steadily improve your quality of life.


Herbs – these add a great aroma and they can be simply dropped into your bottle. The herb’s essence will release into your aftershave. Consider using herbs such as cinnamon, mint, thyme, chamomile, and rosemary. Use herbs that are as fresh as can get the maximize their aromas.


Let’s Make Sure We Moisturize, Too!

There are a few options to choose from such as aloe vera, shea butter, and glycerin. All three have unique moisturizing properties. For example, aloe vera is great for razor burn and is a mild moisturizer. Just make sure to purchase products with high percentages of aloe vera; shea butter is for really dry skin and contains high levels of vitamin E. The fresher the shea butter the better; glycerin naturally attracts moisture to the skin and adheres, which will help against dry and irritated skin. Just dilute it with some water and it works incredibly effective as a moisturizer.


Here’s A Recipe

This recipe is great for beginners, and vodka works incredibly well with other scents you want to add. There are plenty of recipes out there so here’s a minty fresh approach that will leave your face feeling like a cool breeze in Aspen:


  • 1/2 Cup of Vodka
  • 1/4 Cup of Witch Hazel
  • 1 Pinch Alum
  • 1 Tablespoon Glycerin
  • 2-5 Drops Eucalyptus Oil
  • 2-5 Drops Peppermint Oil


Make sure to pour the witch hazel, vodka, and oils into a single container and shake well. Let it all sit and blend for 24 hours, shake the bottle before each use, and pour lightly into your hand before splashing on your freshly-shaven face


So there you have it: one of the world’s most popular spirits is now in your proudly-made DIY aftershave kit. As delicious as vodka is, it works incredibly well as a prime ingredient for your post-shaving experience.


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