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5 cool bar tricks you can do right now
02 Sep

5 Cool Bar Tricks You Can Do Right Now

Do you hear that? Crickets. The worst sound in any group interaction. You would think that being out at a bar would liven things up, but sometimes conversations grow dull and then the deafening roar of nothing. Let’s not do that. Instead, let’s spice things up with a cool bar trick or gag. We have…

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how to make bitters
14 Aug

How To Make Bitters

If you want to create your own cocktail bitters, you’ve come to the right place. Spirit enthusiasts are making their own home-made vodkas, gins, and whiskeys, so adding bitters to your DIY list is a perfect progression.  Bitters are an incredible ingredient for transcending your mixed drinks since they’re basically spices but for alcohol-infused beverages,…

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How to use bitters
21 Jun

How To Use Bitters And What They Are

What are bitters and how do they improve your mixed drink? You’ve seen bartenders use them, and you know classic drinks like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan require them. But the main questions remain: how do you use bitters and why do they matter?   So What Are They? Bitters are typically a dark liquid…

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