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26 Jul

Tequila: The Different Types & How to SIP

Everybody loves a good margarita, but have you ever enjoyed a glass of tequila straight up or on the rocks? Knowing how to find a great tequila is key! Like most spirits, it’s best served in its natural state so that you can pick up on all of the intricate flavors. Different Types of Tequila…

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Interesting Facts About Tequila
09 Oct

Interesting Facts About Tequila

You love to drink it, but how many interesting facts about tequila do you know? We could write a small book on all the interesting facts, but we compiled some of the best facts right here. And after this, make sure to check out how to make tequila here!   It’s Made From Blue Agave…

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how is tequila made?
11 Sep

How Is Tequila Made?

If you enjoy tequila, you’ve likely wondered: “how is tequila made?” As one of the most recognizable and celebrated spirits, the tequila has produced some of the most popular brands and signature cocktails to date. It derives from the blue agave plant (scientifically known as the agave tequilana).  Depending on where the agave is harvested…

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best spirits to drink on the rocks
23 Aug

The Best Spirits To Serve On The Rocks

We definitely know the best spirits to serve on the rocks. For many, this is a highly preferred way of enjoying their favorite spirits. But are all spirits better on the rocks, or do some offer a more amplified experience? Knowing which spirits work best with ice will increase your repertoire among your peers as…

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09 Aug

The Origins of Your Favorite Spirits

What are the origins of your favorite spirits? Vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, and brandy make up some of the most popular spirits ever created. These spirits have been celebrated globally and but not everyone knows exactly where they originated. We’ve compiled the most fascinating history linked to the beginnings of these alcohols for spirit…

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