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Why the Consumer’s Vote Matters

When browsing the spirit aisle in the grocery store, we are surrounded by options. There are thousands of brands of spirits out there, and when we make our purchasing choices, we look for those that stand out the most.

There are so many factors that go into buying a spirit, and we may not know it, but we are going through these different reasons every time we step foot into a liquor store. What are we buying this product for? How will we be consuming it? Who will be enjoying it with us?

The consumer’s voice speaks volumes. It doesn’t matter if it is an established, big name brand, or a start-up making a name for themselves. Simply having a quality product doesn’t make a brand successful, it’s who deems that product a quality product. The important part of their success is that the community who purchases the product is also the community who judges the product. Here are three reasons why every brand should enter their product into a consumer-judged competition such as the SIP Awards.

1) They Are Given the Contingency to Become Not Only an Industry Favorite but a Competition Favorite

It was important for the SIP Awards to step forward and provide this opportunity to the public. It is valuable to be rated by professionals but also critical to be rated by consumers. This levels the playing field for brands, giving each entrant the opportunity to showcase their product in front of the general public and show off its quality. Because it is a blind tasting, the votes are unbiased, creating an accurate determination of which product exudes excellence.

2) Helps Establish an Up and Coming Brand or Confirms a Well-Established Brand is a Top Choice

The SIP Awards is appropriate for every spirit brand to enter. It doesn’t matter the size of a company, all that matters is that they are ready for their quality spirit to take part in being evaluated by the consumers they market to. For smaller brands, it can give them a leg up in the spirit world, and jump-start their marketing efforts. They will be given the opportunity to say their spirit is a consumer’s favorite when ranked among the many other options. For an established brand, an honor such as being a SIP Awards winner authenticates why their company is prosperous, and not just an industry favorite, but also a preferred spirit among the public.

3) Presents the Opportunity to Say A Brand is a Consumer’s Favorite

Once a brand enters The SIP Awards, they begin their journey to being ranked not just as a customer’s favorite, but obtaining the highest honor of being a Consumer’s Choice. Winning a SIP Award multiple years in a row puts a brand into the category of being a Consumer’s Choice Award winner, which is a prestigious award stating that no matter who you have gone up against, the consumer consistently chooses their product over the rest. This gives them, even more, bragging rights each year they enter and win!

Thousands of brands submit their products to various competitions in hopes of winning the top prize. To ensure the prize they are winning is a representation of them being the most advantageous, it’s important to consider who is judging the products. Is it the people who consume the product on a regular basis or are they paid professionals? Although both are important, branching out from having the industry solely judge the efforts of each company is an essential element for a brand.


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