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Spirits Industry: Making the World a Better Place

Industry leaders in the beverage arena are no stranger to philanthropy. Many brands routinely involve themselves in efforts to give back to their communities. The spirits industry is widely known to promote change through charitable actions.

Here are some spirits brands who are offering a helping hand.

Palmetto Distillery makes Palmetto Moonshine, SC’s first legal moonshine and Palmetto Whiskey. Dedicated to producing world class southern spirits and now, hand sanitizer.

Spirits COVID-19 Pandemic Response

With a highly contagious virus keeping many people on high alert, the country quickly found itself in need of hand sanitizer.

For instance, stores are still having trouble keeping it in stock.

As a result, many distilleries are using their equipment to produce hand sanitizer instead of their regular products.

Even mega-producer Anheuser-Busch got into the game. Check out this list of companies all across America that are helping produce hand sanitizer.

Above all, the relief efforts help to build a strong partnership between consumers and these companies.

In addition, alcohol sales have increased greatly during quarantine allowing brands to help give back. 

A view inside the abandoned New Orleans Six Flags that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

Natural Disaster Recovery Efforts

Over the years, many natural disasters have prompted liquor brands to come together to help offer relief.

For instance, in 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Baccardi gave $3 million to local rebuilding efforts.

In addition, Luxco, a company that owns several brands such as Absolute and Pearl vodka, is providing millions to COVID-19 response funds.

Brands have also used their bottling plants to provide bottled water for civilians and relief workers during disasters. 

Spirits Profits for the Greater Good

Many industry leaders are offering a percentage of their profits to a charity that’s near and dear to their core values. Here are just a few examples of companies of various sizes who are giving back:

Elephant Gin – donates 15% of profits to protecting endangered African elephants.

Simple Vodka – based in Idaho, Simple Vodka donates meals to at-risk community members for every bottle sold.

Snow Leopard Vodka – donates 15% of profits to protect endangered snow leopards.

Marquis Vodka – allows customers to pick which charity will get 20% of the profits from their purchase. Choices include the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, the Footprints Foundation, Meals on Wheels or The Trevor Project (outreach to LGBTQ youth).

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