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Making a Difference, from Spirits to Hand Sanitizer

In light of COVID-19, distilleries nationwide have added a new product to their line: hand sanitizer.

Over the last few months, millions of bottles of hand sanitizer have been produced by distilleries. Whether they are selling to the public or doing good in the community, here are some stories from past SIP Awards winners we are excited to share.

Alphabet Vodka

A small business and locally owned distillery that has made a big name for themselves. With their team of three, switching over from vodka to hand sanitizer was not as difficult as one would think. Actually, their main concern was not being able to produce enough for their community.

“Transitioning from vodka to hand sanitizer was a fairly easy process for us,” Martin from Alphabet Vodka said. “We are a small distillery so the only real issue was the volume we would be able to crank out.”

To meet the needs of first responders, essential employees, and the general public, Alphabet Vodka teamed up with their friends at Centennial Spirits and doubled their production.

Together they formulated a hand sanitizer that is compliant with FDA and WHO standards. Proceeds go to the production of hand sanitizers and back to the community.

Alphabet Vodka is a 2019 SIP Award Best of Class – Platinum recipient for their six times distilled vodka that is distilled, packaged and produced right in Seattle.

Casey Jones Distillery

On the opposite side of the country, SIP Award winner Casey Jones Distillery in Kentucky is helping similarly. Their whiskey distillery has been producing hand sanitizers in large, bulk quantities.

Once a week, they host a #SanitizeTheNation contest in which they select a winner that picks a person, business or non-profit to donate a gallon of hand sanitizer too. Since they began hand sanitizer production earlier this year, they have donated thousands of gallons across the nation!

Hera The Dog Vodka

Next up, we have SIP Award winner, Animal Spirits. A female-owned distilled spirits company, founded by animal rescuers Julia Pennington and Allison Lange. With a passion to help animals in need, Animal Spirits donate 50% of all profits to animal rescues.

Built on the mission to help others, Hera The Dog Vodka felt primed to do just that when COVID hit.

As stay at home orders started to take into effect, their team met virtually and began strategizing. By tripling the amount donated per bottle sold and partnering with the Pet Food Assistance Program, they can support pet guardians in Los Angeles who suddenly have no income.

“We are also a company with a lot of passion and built on the determination to make a difference, and we are very proud to say that in our first year we have already raised over $22,000 to help animals in need.”

Thank YOU!

It’s so inspiring to see businesses come together to give back to their communities. In dark and uncertain times, there’s always some light to be found within each other. Let’s raise a glass to our first responders, essential worker, health care workers, and local businesses that are keeping us going.

If your brand is pivoting by helping your community during this challenging time, we would love to hear about it! Please reach out and share your story with us on Instagram @SIPAwards or head over to our contact us page, here.


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