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Virtual Happy Hour: Cocktails At Home, With What You Have

We are at a point where we are going out less and staying in more, so what can we do at home? Let’s stay positive and make the best out of this situation! And how can we do that? Well, we recommend participating in virtual happy hour and getting crafty with “quarantini” cocktails. There’s no better way to cheer up then with friends, family, and something to SIP on!

Now, we are living in a world where social distancing and staying home has become somewhat of a new “normal”. So, with brands and businesses adapting and taking their businesses online, consumers have to adapt too.

Let’s get to our highly anticipated “virtual happy hour hack”. We discovered a valuable resource that will get you mixing cocktails without the need to go out and shop for additional ingredients. Ready to SIP? Try this virtual happy hour hack; How to make a cocktail at home, with what you have?

Step 1

Firstly, pull out your smartphone or computer and search “Make me a cocktail” online or visit

Step 2

Next, click “My Bar” at the top of the menu bar and gather your at home ingredients.

Step 3

After that, select the ingredients and different types of alcohol you have on hand at home. It is best to enter as many ingredients as you can for optimal results! For example, check the “other” category to add household items such as butter, green tea, Tabasco sauce, etc.

Step 4

Once all your ingredients are selected, click “Make me a cocktail” and wait for the magic to happen!

Step 5

Lastly, check out the generated list of cocktails you can make. So, with a variety of recipes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something to whip up at home. Cheers to you and your virtual happy hour crew!

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