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08 Dec

What is Barrel-Aging and Why Does it Matter?

  Everyone has their own feelings about aging but few can deny the fact that it’s a deeply transformative experience. Aging is no different in the spirit world. While each distiller has his or her own systems and philosophies for barrel-aging, each accepts it as an extremely important part of developing the flavors and aromas…

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04 Apr

5 Ways A Spirits Awards Competition Can Help Elevate Your Brand

How can your spirits company grow its brand and reach new audiences beyond traditional forms of marketing, such as sponsorships, advertisements, and commercials? Perhaps these have proven to be effective alcohol marketing strategies, but it begs the question, are these forms of marketing geared more towards the interest of the brand or that of the…

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06 Mar

Redefining the Pallet, One Farm Fresh Grain at a Time

Using ancient techniques and hand honing each craft spirit, Eau Claire Distillery takes pride in their small batch artisanal product. They prefer to keep it local and simple, using farm-fresh ingredients and only the finest custom-crafted German stills and technology. Distiller and Co-Founder, Larry Kerwin, creates strict criteria when it comes to sourcing their ingredients.…

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