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spinTouch provides the most futuristic interactive concepts in the world. They believe the best marketing is creating a way for consumers to discover and have fun with your brand through hands-on interaction. Being pioneers themselves, spinTouch is proud to support The SIP Awards for their innovative spirit competition.

The spirits drinker’s best friend dissipates numbing alcohol away from the nose, magnifying flavors, enhancing enjoyment, and displaying every characteristic, making NEAT the perfect judging glass. We are changing the way the world drinks through science (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) and truth in marketing, and proud to be the Official Glass of the 2017 SIP Awards, focusing on the opinions of those who matter, the consumer.

Modern Distillery Age is a weekly e-newsletter for all those involved in the U.S. spirits business — craft, macro, importers, distributors, sales/marketing/PR people, equipment suppliers and all others. We report breaking news in the spirits business and new products. We are looking forward to our collaboration with The SIP Awards.

Delivering crucial information and actionable insights through the website and digital newsletters, Nightclub & Bar serves the on-premise industry.  Award-winning designers and seasoned reporters with strong industry knowledge and connections produce engaging and credible coverage of the industry.

For more information on becoming a partner, please email us at

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