Spencer Balentine, Master Distiller

Entering SIP Awards and winning was the best thing I could have done for the brand LBL Moonshine. It has certainly opened some mighty big doors!

Fred Groth, Brand Ambassador & Distiller

The SIP Awards lives up to it’s claims, small brands can compete against the big boys and be recognized for a quality product.

Kevin George, Global Chief Marketing Officer

Because the competition judging panels consists of consumers from all over the world, the judging is completely unbiased and impartial, allowing for the liquid in the bottle to truly shine.

Luxco Brands

The SIP Awards have become an increasingly popular and important international competition – where consumer taste is king. In addition to boosting brand recognition, award winners enjoy the power of consumer choice credibility.

Andres Garcia
Regional Sales Manager

It is a privilege and an honor to have earned these medals. Quality over quantity has been our motto. These awards symbolize what we as a family successfully accomplish–crafting quality tequila.

Keener Shanton, Head Distiller

Our 1830 Original Miller’s Blend and Coffee Moonshine won Platinum at last year’s competition so we were thrilled to have the streak continue.

David Farran, President and Founder

Only those brave enough to let their product speak for itself compete in the SIP Awards, it was a challenge we couldn’t walk away from. It’s a refreshing model of evaluation that provides an honest stage for feedback.

Matti Anttila, Founder and President

The SIP Awards are a true reflection of consumer tastes, and we’re thrilled that they have distinguished General Dixie as one of the best-tasting vodkas on the market.

Robert Federowicz, CEO

Winning an award at this prestigious competition continues to generate positive momentum for our brand.

Spencer Balentine, Master Distiller

Whether the Moonshine tasted bad or great the main goal was to be 1950′s authentic. The SIP Awards Gold tell me – the family had it right.” After last years SIP Award Gold medal win, Balentine was inducted into the 130 year old Kentucky Distillers Association as one of the 12 Master Distillers of Kentucky.

Mike Ivey, President

By receiving these awards from the judges it confirms that consumers enjoy sipping our tequila and find our package intriguing.

Garrett Green, Founder and Principal Developer

Winning multiple SIP Awards from an international – consumer-based – competition epitomizes ONE ROQ® as a preferred spirit among trend and health-conscious consumers nationwide.

Stephen Rodenbeck, CEO

The award that we won at the SIP Awards, which is a consumer taste test, is the medal we’re most proud of -Video Link-

Stephanie Parsons, Marketing Manager

Winning a platinum SIP Award is a wonderful affirmation that has allowed us to creatively market our 360 Double Chocolate Vodka directly to the consumer market.

Erik Hoffman, COO

Blue Label Vodka

Blue Label Vodka has grown immensely since its birth, and we are extremely proud to have won the coveted Platinum SIP Award. We truly believe this is a token as to where we have been and where we are going.

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