The 2016 Results

The Results


spinTOUCH provides the most futuristic interactive concepts on the planet.  We believe the best marketing is when the consumer discovers you, by creating advertising that entices people to come play and have fun with your brand.  From virtual coasters to ambient special effects to dramatic fully immersive experiences; your opportunities are virtually limitless.  Being pioneers ourselves, we are proud to support The SIP Awards for their innovative spirit competition.

Delivering crucial information and actionable insights through the website and digital newsletters, Nightclub & Bar serves the on-premise industry.  Award-winning designers and seasoned reporters with strong industry knowledge and connections produce engaging and credible coverage of the industry. Nightclub & Bar sees the importance of the SIP Awards to the industry, and is proud to be a sponsor of a revolutionary spirit competition.

Bar Business Magazine, a B2B publication serving a nationwide subscription base of bar and club owners, operators, and managers, recognizes the foundation of this industry as being quality product – that is, a good, stiff drink. The magazine fully supports The SIP Awards as a breeding ground for continued cocktail innovation and healthy competition amongst mixologists, all of which stimulate sales inside the bars and clubs that Bar Business Magazine was built for.

Mutineer Magazine is a fine beverage publication unlike any other. Founded by Sommelier Alan Kropf and beer expert JJ Bagley, Mutineer Magazine covers all things fine beverage with an emphasis on wine, beer and spirits. A proud media sponsor of The SIP Awards, Mutineer Magazine values the need to focus on the tastes of decision makers.  As informative as it is approachable, Mutineer Magazine will change the way you read about fine beverages.

Chilled Magazine features trendy cocktails, liquor, beer, wine and cool products for the drinking community. Keep up on the cool new drinks that bartenders are mixing up around the world. Featuring the people who entertain in the nightlife industry such as bartenders, mixologists, DJs, bands, comedians, and celebrities.

Modern Distillery Age is a weekly e-newsletter for all those involved in the U.S. spirits business — craft, macro, importers, distributors, sales/marketing/pr people, equipment suppliers and all others. We report breaking news in the spirits business and new products. Looking forward to our collaboration with The SIP Awards.

Food & Beverage Magazine is the first name in the B2B food service & hospitality information highway.  Our subscription base consists of industry decision-making professionals including Food & Beverage Directors, Spirit Directors, Restaurant Owners and Executive Chefs. We are very excited to collaborate with The SIP Awards.

Drink Me Magazine is a lifestyle magazine about alcohol culture.  It’s a free publication that covers trends, history, and art – linking the consumer to the industry.  Drink Me sponsors The SIP Awards to encourage innovation, quality and education for the various spirits on the market. Check out Drink Me at

Proof66 is dedicated to fostering consumer interest and exploration in the world of spirits.  We specialize in bringing a combination of critical scores from the “professionals” and opinions from the “real people.”  With a listing of well over 4,000 individual spirits and distilleries, we update our database daily to keep the information highly relevant to consumers.  Our mission is to give equal credit to general user opinion as a guide so we’re honored to support the SIP Awards and their commitment to judging blind with exactly those “real,” purchasing customers.

NEAT – the ultimate spirits glass.  The spirits drinker’s best friend dissipates numbing alcohol away from the nose, magnifying flavors, enhancing enjoyment, and displaying every characteristic, making NEAT the perfect judging glass.  We are changing the way the world drinks through science (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) and truth in marketing, and proud to be the Official Glass of the 2014 SIP Awards, focusing on the opinions of those who really matter, the consumer.

The Monterey County Tequila Fest is hosted by CYO Events.  The first annual Monterey County Tequila Fest was held on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in California.  CYO Events has invited a variety of tequila exhibitors to sample their products to tequila enthusiasts, the hospitality industry, and the general public. We are encouraging our tequila exhibitors to partake in The SIP Awards world competition in order to showcase their products and spread awareness of the emerging tequila market.  We are excited to be in collaboration with The SIP Awards. Salud!


DrinkedIn is the internet’s home for lovers of all alcohol beverages. It combines the fun of a slightly rebellious social network with detailed listings and reviews for pubs and drinks from all around the world. Members can blog on the site and participate in lively forum discussions on the difference between whiskey and whisky. The site runs regular promotions and giveaway contests for the best member contributions. We support The SIP Awards for its success in empowering the people and allowing them to have a strong voice.

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If you share our vision or have ideas on a partnership, please call 1-888-254-1764 or email  To ensure fairness, the SIP Awards will not accept sponsorships from any spirit company, importer, or distributor