The 2016 Results

The Results




Enter your brand in the most prestigious spirit competition in the world.  Please read rules on this page and the entry form carefully.

Questions can be directed to or by calling +1 (949)-420-0033.


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Important Dates


May 16, 2016 –
Final Deadline for all forms, payments, and samples to arrive at our facility

May 22, 2016 –
The tasting competition will be conducted at Hyatt Regency Newport Beach.
(brand representatives are not allowed at the competition)

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This year’s results: 2016 Spirits Results / 2016 Press Release








•   Any commercial beverage professionally produced that complies with the classification codes.

•   There is no limit to the number of entries per producer.

•   A spirit can be entered in multiple applicable categories (separate fees and bottle samples apply).

•   The Competition reserves the right to photograph and reproduce any product entered in the Competitions in catalogs, posters, publications or on our website. Each entrant assents to this condition.

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•   Awards will be made on a merit basis. The judges will not grant an award when, in their opinion, an entry is not worthy of an award.

•   Each entry will, within reason and at the discretion of the Managing Director, be evaluated within a peer group of similar spirits. However, the Director reserves the right to arrange categories as they see fit in light of the number of entries.

•   To effectively level the playing field, brand representatives are NOT permitted to attend the tasting/judging event.



We value your brand’s privacy; all entries are kept strictly confidential.  Brands that do not win an award will not be listed on the website as a participant in the competition.



Additional terms and conditions are explained on the entry form.  Contact us with any questions.   To learn more about upcoming events, details on future competitions, and registration reminders, signup for our newsletter.