The 2016 Results

The Results

Benefits of Entering Your Spirit

The only internationally recognized consumer judged spirit competition can help empower your brand. There are many benefits to participating in a consumer judged competition. The best way to demonstrate the integrity of your spirit is to let the world know that consumers prefer yours over other brands. This is the “word-of-mouth” marketing money can’t buy. It has to be earned!


SIP Awards 2015 Video

Fair and Unbiased


  • Your spirit will be judged by a panel of consumers, not by industry insiders, brand owners or professionals but by the people that matter the most. By working directly with educated and unbiased consumers, we have established a completely merit-based awards system that effectively levels the playing field for beverage producers both seasoned & new. This is the special component that makes SIP Awards a unique and powerful competition. Judges are selected based on a detailed review of the demographical information from each applicant, to ensure a true representation of the consumer. To avoid any possible influence on our judging and staff, we do not allow anyone affiliated within the industry or brand representative from attending the event.
  • All of the products are evaluated without any identification and in a randomized order, insuring unbiased accuracy. The spirits in each category are served undiluted and chilled to the judging panel to be scored on a blind tasting strictly on the characteristics of Aroma, Taste, and Finish.
  • The SIP Awards’ only provides awards to brands that have the highest scores and not simply to every brand that enters, this further strengthens the elite brands that have achieved a medal, which results in even a SIP Awards bronze medal to be considered a prestigious accomplishment.
  • We value your brands privacy; all entries are kept strictly confidential. Brands that do not win an award will not be listed on the website as a participant in the competition.

Marketing Opportunities


  • Compete to win a highly marketable prestigious medal Best of Class, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, not simply an ambiguous score. The SIP award medals signify that a true consumer panel prefers your spirit over others in the market. By winning a SIP Awards medal, your brand will become known as the Consumer’s Choice  for your spirit category.
  • To help you announce your accomplishment to the world, every medal winner will receive FREE marketing resources such as, downloadable logos, medals, certificates, event pictures and other high quality images. Winners will also be provided with an exclusive media kit with special marketing discounts through our media sponsors.
  • The announcement of the winners will also be widespread throughout web, press releases and print. Our media partners will be covering the event, as well as announcing the winners. List of our partners.
  • The largest presence on social media networks with over 20,000+ fans on Facebook and 1,800+ followers on Twitter.
  • There is no spirits contest we know of today that allows beverage producers to have such a direct impact on their customers. This is more than a mere marketing opportunity. It is a chance to get in there and find out how your product resonates with the public in a professional setting.
  • Your winning brand will be featured on the SIP Awards’ website on the result page indefinitely.


Cost Effective


  • Unlike some other competitions, we do not have restrictions or licensing costs for the use of our logos, accolades and awards in your marketing and promotion; in fact, we encourage you to showcase them with your award winning products.
  • The most cost effective internationally recognized spirit competition.


Distribution and Recognition


    • Give your spirit the spotlight it deserves. A SIP Award medal provides an independent endorsement to both retail buyers and distributors around the globe.


  • Spirit brands are not required to be available nationally in the U.S. In fact, entering the SIP Awards is a brilliant way to gain the attention of importers and the media for a greater distribution.
  • Participants will be invited to showcase their spirit at special SIP Awards formal events and tastings throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to reach out to your target audience.
  • Your winning brand will be featured with its prized medal and a link back to your website on our results page indefinitely for the whole world to discover. We want to be sure our visitors, whether distributors, importers, investors, or consumers, can easily get connected with your brand.

Now is the time to reserve your brand’s place in the Spirits International Prestige Awards and show the world that your spirit is the Consumer’s Beverage of Choice.
Learn more about entering your brand.